Thanks for a great 2015!

Thank you.

We cannot say it enough.  With supporters like you, HOME, Inc. is able to help families across the state take steps to finding and keeping a place to call home.  

As the community’s oldest non-profit housing organization, our solutions have evolved from years of working with landlords, tenants, first-time homebuyers, both public and private funding sources, as well as other housing and human service agencies. We work to ensure each of our families has access to a combination of services plus housing to overcome barriers to stabilize their housing. The key to success: once stabilized in housing a family can begin the work required to move forward by increasing their income and improving their health and education. 

So what does success look like? With your help, in the past year HOME, Inc. has

  • Invested more $1.4 million to revitalize neighborhoods and increase/maintain the affordable housing stock in Polk County.  
  • Created 7 units of affordable housing for low-income housing. 
  • Provided counseling and educational services to 4,485 households (approximately 10 percent of Polk County rental population) stabilize in housing.  
  • Certified 190 homebuyers through a newly launched program called eHome.
  • Completed improvements on the homes of 14 low-income households through the Metro Home Improvement Program.  Total cost of improvements was $144,000.

As we look towards the coming year, we are cautiously optimistic about how we will continue to provide critical supportive services.  Yet we cannot ignore the need for affordable housing throughout the state, and especially in Greater Des Moines, is at an all time high.  There is an estimated shortage of more than 10,000 units in the Greater Des Moines and funding has become increasingly scarce.  An increasing number of families are spending up to half of their income to secure stable housing.  Funding for affordable housing projects is rapidly drying up. It is a vicious cycle.

There is an incredible need for safe, affordable housing.  With your continued support we can continue to do the work that moves our communities and our families towards fulfilling the American Dream.

Again thank you for all that you do, and best wishes during this holiday season,

Pam Carmichael

Executive Director

P.S.  If you are compelled to help our families secure safe, affordable housing, you may donate online at

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