Nicole's Story: I Now Have My Life


I was employed. I had my driver’s license and a vehicle, I was a great mother and had mended all of my broken relationships with my children. I was finally a respectful and productive member of society. I was on the verge of the one thing I had never been or had, independence. 

When the time came to leave the House of Mercy, it was most definitely the scariest part of my journey. Thank God for HOME, Inc. and its wonderful and caring employees. With their help, I have been able to accomplish two of the most important things that my life had been missing. I have gained my independence, and I have all of my children living under the same roof. I had not had my two daughters living with me since 2003. I had lost them during my drug addiction, and they had lived most of their youth with my sister. Now my two daughters, my son, and I all live together in a beautiful, brand new, three bedroom duplex. We are a family. 

My relationship with HOME, Inc. and its employees is more than just a landlord/tenant relationship. The people who work at HOME, Inc. are my go to people when I need anything. I can go there to have anything fixed on my home, or I can go there to just have someone to talk to when I might be having problems. These are women who truly care about my family and me being successful. I know that they want nothing more than for me to accomplish all of my goals and dreams. My current and most important goal is to be a homeowner. I truly believe that with the help of HOME, Inc., I will have this in my future for myself and my children. 

There are so many good things that I could say about HOME, Inc. and its staff. For now I just want to say that HOME, Inc. saved my future and my family, and made it possible for us to have a home. 

Editor's note: Nicole is a wonderful example of what our supportive housing programs and counseling can accomplish.  In 2015, we opened Clark Commons which created affordable rental housing and used supportive services to provide a stable home for previously homeless women and their children.  We work with these women to overcome barriers like past criminal records and poor rental histories.  We also provide support from a caring counseling staff when they need guidance or just somebody to listen.

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