2015 Annual Report Now Available

When most people talk about affordable housing, they talk about “brick and sticks.” But at HOME, Inc. we understand there’s more to it.  While we do have goals that add affordable units to our community’s housing stock, our focus is on the families and individuals that inhabit them.  Through a variety of programs, services and counseling, we work with people to create stability and a skillset that will make them responsible tenants and homeowners.  

Last year, HOME, Inc. and its supporters ...

  • Invested $1.4 million to revitalize neighborhoods and increase/maintain the affordable housing stock in Polk County.
  • Created 7 units of housing for low-income families.
  • Provided counseling and educational services for 4,485 people, or approximately 10% of Polk County’s rental population.

To learn more about our 2015 accomplishments, please download the 2015 HOME, Inc. annual report, "Creating Opportunities for Quality, Affordable Housing."


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