Our fall newsletter is available

Our fall newsletter is now available for download.  We touch on a number of subjects:

  • Our executive director talks about a recent report that notes almost 44 percent of all renters, regardless of income, are rent burdened, which means they are paying more than 30 percent of their income on housing.  One quarter of those households pay more than 50 percent of their incomes on housing.  The report also found that homeownership does not guarantee affordability as 1 in 5 owners are cost burdened. Of homeowners with income at $40,000 or less, 61% are cost burdened
  • In another story, we cover the housewarming celebration at a home we developed in the Birdland/Capital Park neighborhood. This house represents the first step of a larger development plan in this neighborhood. In the next four years, we will create 37 units of affordable housing, both rental and ownership.  To that end, we will soon begin construction on six new single-family homes in the Birdland neighborhood.  
  • What do our homeownership counselors do? We take a look at how one of our counselors helped a client solve a number of problems she was having.  Be sure to check out that story.
  • And, there's more!

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