How two Des Moines neighborhoods changed for the better

The Des Moines Register highlighted the turnaround of two Des Moines neighborhoods. They noted: 

“Housing experts say there are lessons for all of us from the sweat and working together that has taken place over almost 30 years in Sherman Hill and Woodland Heights:

  • Change begins with active neighbors.
  • City leaders with vision provide the momentum.
  • The transformation requires big investment that doesn’t pay for years.
  • Private businesses and newcomers pick up the baton and help the neighborhood thrive.

‘If you don’t have the people who live in a neighborhood invested, there’s not going to be a plan,’ said Pam Carmichael, executive director of the affordable housing nonprofit Home Inc., which has been a key player in changing several Des Moines neighborhoods. ‘Neighbors are the force. You need to have them at city hall. They need to have the ear of politicians and speak with one voice.’ ”

To read the rest of the story, read From dodgy to desirable: How 2 historic Des Moines neighborhoods turned it around.

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