Homes for sale

We still have three homes in our Birdland development that are available for sale!

HOME, Inc. develops affordable housing for first-time homebuyers. We provide homeownership counseling and support to assist our clients in securing financing to purchase their own home. In addition, financial assistance is provided in the form of grants and forgivable loans to ensure that the homes are affordable to our clients.

To apply for one of our properties, clients must complete and return a homeownership readiness assessment with our homeownership coordinator. In determining a client's readiness to buy, an action plan will be developed with steps to meeting conventional underwriting criteria.

All loans are conventional fixed rate mortgages and includes HOME, Inc.'s grant assistance. All clients applying for HOME, Inc. properties must have an annual gross income between 50% and 75% of are median income. 

See chart below:

Family Size   50% (minimum) 75% (maximum)
 1  $28,800  $43,155
 2   $32,900  $49,320
 3   $37,000  $55,485
 4  $41,100  $61,650
 5  $44,400  $66,582
 6  $47,700  $71,514

For more information about how to begin, contact HOME, Inc. at 515.243.1277.

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