Success Story: A Journey to Heal and Live

Robynne’s story is about life, healing, motivation and strength to keep going after devastating setbacks.  She calls it, “my journey toHeal and my journey to Live.”

Coming from a childhood of street life and drugs to spending ten years in federal prison, Robynne’s life has taken a positive turnaround over the past 14 years. She has faced many barriers as she sought to find a new life.  There were barriers around every corner: she had little to no access to stable and affordable housing, transportation and income. She was estranged from her children, had few marketable work skills and possessed a felony criminal record.  With Robynne’s determination and perseverance she sought out community resources and services that helped encourage andsupport her journey to re-entry.  Knowing it was her responsibility to overcome these obstacles she set goals and strivedto reach them with incredible success. 

Robynne approached HOME, Inc. in 2004 for housing assistance through our lease purchase program. She was working full-time for minimum wage and was in the process of starting a cleaning business with the assistance of a small business grant. Knowing her recent background and lack of employment and rental history we were willing to provide Robynne with a chance to overcome some of her obstacles.  We believed in her commitment to build a life for her and children.  It wasn’t easy. During a span of four years she established employment stability, rental history,  increased wages, accumulated savings, repaired past credit issues and established alternative lines of credit to meet conventional underwriting criteria.

In 2008 Robynne was able to assume the mortgage held by HOME, In. and became a proud homeowner where she continues to reside.  

Robynne says she is a living testament to what can be accomplished with inspiration and hard work. She has achieved many successes over the past 14 years: doubled wages, full time employment with benefits at a local hospital, sustained and maintained homeownership, proud taxpayer, entrepreneur and an enormous sense of self -worth and confidence. In addition, her journey has inspired her to give back by organizing a non-profit re-entry program for female ex-offenders. As a member of the HOME, Inc. family, Robynne is a firm believer that support and technical services from community resources empowers individuals to prosper life-changing accomplishments.


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