Success Story: Stable Families Program Helps Single Mom

Lisa is the single mom of a teenage girl. She is a strongindependent woman who has gone through many life events to make her the personshe is today. At a young age, she found herself pregnant in an unfortunatesituation and was forced to raise her daughter with limited support.

Before entering Stable Families, she was working at anin-home senior citizen center earning a decent income. Although she receivedpublic benefits for awhile, she stopped receiving public benefits 10 years agobecause she always made her income “work.” She always maintained consistentjobs and had lived in her current home for 10 years. In May 2017, Lisa was in aserious car accident, which put her out of work for a few weeks. After fallingbehind in rent, Lisa was referred to Stable Families by her landlord.

Stable Families was able to provide initial financialassistance to prevent Lisa and her family from becoming homeless. If it weren’tfor Stable Families, Lisa would likely have to move in with her mother andtransfer her high school aged daughter out of the school district.

Lisa has been committed to working with her Stable Families caseworkereven when she suffered a health setback. Together, they came up with a plan,applied for food stamps and other public benefits. Stable Families was able toprovide financial assistance so she did not lose her apartment of 10 years asshe worked through her illness.

Lisa continues to make progress and increase her income. Shehas been able to get the mental health treatment she needs and get publicassistance like food stamps. Lisa is closer than ever to become stable. Sheplans on going back to school to get her nursing degree. She is forevergrateful for the support her case manager brings and the financial assistanceto help during the unexpected times.


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