Success Story: Overcoming a horrific life to find self sufficiency

Jamie is a 40 year-old single mom who has overcome many challenges throughout her life.  Parental neglect, abuse and drug addiction were contributing factors to why she quit school in the 5th grade. She ran away when turmoil in her home escalated, and at the age of 14 she found herself living on the streets. 


Due to Jamie's inability to read or write she couldn't find traditional work, so in her own words she "did what I had to do to survive" on the streets. It didn't take long before she started she suffered the reality of her difficult life. She had history of substance abuse, domestic violence, repeated arrests and incarceration, homelessness, multiple pregnancies that resulted in the termination of parental rights. 


Affordable housing was just one of Jamie's concerns.


In 2013, Jamie discovered she was pregnant with her seventh child while she was incarcerated.  Through a series of events, Jamie eventually sought shelter at the Domestic Violence Center where she began to turnaround her life. She connected with many programs and resources. 


In February 2015, Jamie and HOME, Inc. were introduced when we contacted the Domestic Violence Center about the availability of a three-bedroom rental home at our Clark Commons property. This opportunity came at the right time for Jamie and her boys because it provided an affordable housing option plus integrated supportive services that would help her stay in that housing.  While Jamie was concerned that she wouldn't qualify because she had been turned down by many housing opportunities due to her barriers, she went ahead and applied. 


Jamie has been living at Clark Commons for two years.  During that time, she has continued to work with a case manager in our Integrated Services area.  Much has changed for the positive.  Jamie She has improved her credit dramatically and has obtained bank accounts and a line of credit. She has created and kept to a monthly budget, increased her income by pursuing SSDI for her special needs son.  But most importantly, she has increased her self -esteem and confidence. She is rightfully proud of her accomplishments and her ability to be self-sufficient. 

But she's not done. Jamie's future goals include continuing her sobriety, getting her GED, paying off legal fines and fees, obtaining her driver's license and eventually seeking employment when her boys attend elementary school. 

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