Chrissy Duplanter's Story

My name is Kourtney Kirkpatrick, I am writing this from my new office at HOME, Inc. Two months ago I was hired as the Fundraising Director, a position I was eager to take on for an organization I did not know much about. It did not take long for me to realize HOME Inc. has been the best kept secret in Des Moines. My goal is to ensure everyone recognizes not only the name but the mission behind HOME, Inc.

In just a short time,I have already seen first-hand the impact we have on the community. From the hundreds of home buyers coming through our office for home buyer education classes, to countless calls and in-person visits from landlords and tenants learning about their rights and responsibilities, and the support we have provided to 36 extremely low-income families who are receiving financial assistance and one on one budget training through our HOPE for Stable Families program. Last but not least, two of our affordable homes have been sold to low-income families with children. One of which is Chrissy Duplanter, a single mother of two who had a dream to one day be a homeowner. HOME, Inc. made that possible.

"HOME, Inc. is not just a name to me, it is a foundation. HOME, Inc. has guided me in the right direction of reaching my dream, which is to provide affordable, yet comfortable housing to me and my young children, whom are now 7 and 12 years old. A lot of people think home ownership is not obtainable, but HOME, Inc. is an organization that works with working families to help them afford quality housing. Without them I truly believe I would not have come so far in reaching my goal.”

-Chrissy Duplanter

A decent, safe and affordable home provides strength, stability and independence. As the Fundraising Director, I ask you to help HOME, Inc.continue to be the foundation for Des Moines families by making a gift today.

Thank you for your consideration, and Happy Holidays!


Kourtney Kirkpatrick

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