A letter from one of our first homeowners

To Whom It May Concern:

HOME, Inc. has made a lasting impact on my family, which
included one girl and three boys.

In 1967, a member of HOME, Inc. encountered a social worker
at the school my children attended. That formed my
connection and partnership with HOME, Inc. That changed my
life. Our first task was to secure adequate housing in a stable
neighborhood. The perfect house with a large yard was

One of the key components of the relationship was the
assignment of Two (2) "Supportive Friends". After all these
years getting together for lunch and conversation continues.

I was guided through resources and received friendly support
through Drake University where I received a BS in Sociology.
Further study in psychology and Social Work was done at the
University of Iowa (Branch on Drake's campus).

Upon graduation, I worked as a social worker and Director of
a Child Development Center. I also worked as a case
manager, resource manager, and program manager in the
Department of Social Services for over eleven (11) years. At
that time my children were grown and established. I moved to
California (Bay Area) and worked as a child, family, and
community consultant for over fourteen (14) years.
I retired and returned to Des Moines to my "HOME, Inc.
House" where I am enjoying my children, grandchildren,
great-grandchildren, and extended family.

My four (4) children are successful in their professional
careers for over twenty years. My daughter is a school
teacher. My oldest son retired from the military after over
twenty years of service. My next son after ten years in the
Air-force received a degree in Advanced Health Science, and
my youngest son is a quality control technician.

Without HOME, Inc. our successful lives would not have been
possible. It is because of partnerships like HOME, Inc. that
the world is in a better place in which to live.

Mrs. Amelia Smith

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