2018 in Review: Property and Homeownership

Happy New Year!

We wanted to take a minute to reflect on the changes and successes we’ve experienced this past year.

We moved! 

After residing in the United Way building for many years, we acquired a building on Sixth Avenue in the heart of the River Bend neighborhood. We felt the move was important as we continue to work to improve neighborhoods in and around this area. It brings us closer to our clients, as well as demonstrating our commitment to revitalizing the historic Sixth Avenue Corridor. 

We helped homeowners

One aspect of our mission is to assist homeowners throughout our community.  We do this in a number of ways.   eHome is an online homeownership certification course.  We have partnered with the Neighborhood Finance Corp. to extend this program’s reach.  In the past year, 315 households completed the course or class to enable 76% of the participants qualify for a mortgage or refinancing.

We also secured five lots for future construction, built three new homes, as well as developed six units.  These homes that were built and developed will assist low-income families.  The profile of our clients:

  • 76% are minority
  • 80% are families with children
  • 34% are single parents

In addition, we completed 13 Metro Home Improvement Program (MHIP) projects that assisted disable or low income homeowners  complete $167,000 in critical repairs to their properties.  

Year Two of 20/20 campaign completed

Two years ago, we launched our 20/20 campaign with several significant goals.  One of the key components of campaign included a $250,000 revolving equity fund that was established with funding from a Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines Leadership grant, the Polk County Development Grant and other HOME, Inc. funding sources. This fund was used for the development and sale of 9 homes to low-income families in Capitol Park and Birdland neighborhoods. The appraised home values of the nine units ranged from $145,000–$160,000. HOME, Inc., invested $2 million in the neighborhoods and provided income to area contractors and vendors.  

Want to learn more about HOME, Inc.’s 2018 accomplishments? Check next week’s blog about our accomplishments in our rental, education and counseling programs.

Read about our 2018 counseling accomplishments.  

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