The Power of Community

Here at HOME, Inc. we are constantly reminded about the word community. The Des Moines community is so strong, with people working together for the better good. Here at HOME, Inc. we try to be a part of the Des Moines community as best as we can, as well as create a community with other housing non-profits within the city, and a community within our office. A community represents strength. We are stronger as one. One of our clients, Dee found the power of community when she went through a rough patch in her life. We are so proud that she was able to feel the love of the Des Moines community and the HOME, Inc. community in order to be able to get back on her feet.

Dee is a well-known leader in the Des Moines community. She is very involved in the housing community and has served on many boards. She has worked very hard to create and advocate for affordable housing. Although she was familiar with the lack of affordable housing resources and worked with clients facing the same issues, she found herself in a similar situation. Dee was working at a housing agency in Des Moines where she found herself overworked and overwhelmed with the hours of her job. She found her mental health stability and relationships decreasing. She knew she had to do something before the situation got worse. She ended up quitting her job. Due to her experience, she was able to secure a job quickly, but it did not pay for 4 weeks.

Thankfully Dee is very resourceful, she applied for the Family Investment Program (FIP)and remembered that HOME, Inc. offered a Homeless Prevention Program. She connected with the HOPE for Stable Families Program which helped her get back on her feet and thrive. Some of Dee’s goals were to increase her mentalwell-being, start a savings, and maintain a steady job. Because of the support that HOME, Inc. and FaDSS were able to give, she was able to get into counseling which has helped with her mental health. She still works at the same job a year later and has money in savings. Dee’s heart still belongs in the nonprofit world and eventually she would like to find a job that she is passionate about.

We thank Dee for all of her hard work within the non-profit sector and her love for the Des Moines community. We hope that our help through the HOPE for Stable Families program will continue to support her and that HOME, Inc. will always be a part of Dee’s community.


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