Having a beautifully decorated home like ones pictured in Home and Gardens is an aspiration of many. But it isn’t always super realistic. Costs of decorating a home can burn a hole through your wallet! So here, we’ve gathered the best inexpensive DIY home decor projects you can try!

1. Chalkboard Wall Paint
Putting up chalkboard anywhere you can paint is a great way to indulge in creativity! It works great for kitchens and kids rooms. The paint is also magnetic so that creates twice the fun!

2. Gold Flower Pots
Give your home a luxury look by spray painting normal, ordinary flower pots a metallic gold.

Have children? Make an activity out of this and have them paint a pot!

3. Personalized Canvas
Why pay for expensive artwork on canvas when you can do it yourself? Make boring walls more personalized by writing quotes, drawing flowers, anything you want! 

4. Chic Cabinet Tray
Have old cabinets sitting around collecting dust? Well just grab some paint and a pair of drawer pulls to become the perfect cheese board or TV dinner tray! Holes in the board? No problem! Use some wood filler and you’re all good to go!

5. Coin Bank
Did you just run out of Clorox wipes? If so, grab it, rinse it out, and start filling it with coins! Label it “Fun Money” or anything you want and start saving!

6. Ruffle Accent Lamp
Use a hot glue gun, old lamp, and linen fabric to create a cute addition to your home!

8. Brass Tacks
Pushing patterns of tacks into the sides of a table or a chair can create an eye catching accent piece! 

9. Organization
Have candle jars you’ve already burned through? Just rinse them out and reuse them! Organize your stationary! Use it to put your car keys in when you walk through the front door! You can use jars for anything!

10. Rearrange the Furniture 
Do you want a change but don’t know exactly what you want to do? Try rearranging the room! Sometimes it’s easy the get burnt out on the same layout for a long period of time. Try switching it up and move things around!

There are so many more things you can do to create cute home decor yourself! All you have to do is look for inspiration. Getting creative can be an adventure! So go on and try these things out! Let us know how it goes with #HomeIncDIY ! Good luck and happy crafting!

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