Success Story: All About Kimberly

In 2004, HOME, Inc. was able to help Kimberly. She was able to buy her home with grant money covering 26% of the cost. Her income even grew by 31% once she entered the program. In the time between when HOME Inc. purchased her home and when she bought it, the assessed value has increased by 1,114%. Since she bought the home, the assessed value continued to increased and did by 11%. 

Being a single mom of two, her children were toddlers at the time of home ownership. They are now in their teen years. Both are in school and one even works part time. Owning a home has allowed the kids to have their own space, customize it, and take pride in where they live. They have been able to stay in the same neighborhood throughout their school years. 

From owning a home, the family has been able to build equity. HOME, Inc. was able to educate Kimberly about loans and the homeownership process—creating a more independent lifestyle. Kimberly feels a sense of pride that she was able to afford a home for her family, especially as a single parent. “I still appreciate all the help and support from HOME, Inc. to this day!” HOME, Inc. couldn’t be more proud of all of her hard work and responsibility!  

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