Have a rental housing problem?  We can help. Call 515-243-1277, Monday through Friday. Office hours are from 8:30-12 and 1-4:30 (Monday - Friday).

  • Since 1974 HOME, Inc. has counseled more than 100,000 households.
  • Over 80% of those receiving counseling found it helpful.
  • Over 10,000 people have participated in educational sessions.
HOME, Inc. helps tenants and landlords throughout Iowa understand their housing rights and responsibilities through counseling and educational services.

HOME, Inc.’s free, confidential counseling helps people obtain and retain permanent rental housing or homeownership.  We can provide information, referral, and crisis oriented counseling regarding rental housing issues such as rental deposits, leases, maintenance and repair, and terminations or evictions. Call 243-1277 and ask to speak with a housing counselor.

HOME, Inc.’s educational services help people increase their housing knowledge so they make better housing decisions and prevent problems.  HOME, Inc. provides outreach about housing and community services through community fairs, workshops and briefings.  Through our tenant certification class, RentWise, we help tenants overcome barriers to obtaining and retaining affordable, rental housing.  Please contact HOME, Inc. at (515)-243-1277 to schedule a session.

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